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Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
idea. >> reporter: fighting for the electoral votes, he pledged he the not make deals in washington to hurt americans. >> if the price of deals in washington is to cut off financial aid or get rid of funding for planned hairent -- parenthood or let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions or poor or elderly or disabled, i won't pay that price. >> reporter: he's making a final push for votes in ohio and a fitting in where he won the caucuses in 2008, setting the stage for his first term. in that final speech in des moines, he will be a companied by first lady michelle obama. >> the president's republican rival mitt romney spent his afternoon in battleground virginia shoring up votes. the commonwealth is one of five stops in four critical swing states. jennifer davis is live from the presidential hopefuls campaign. >> reporter: hi there, brian. as he makes his way in the grand ballroom in boston, they're getting ready for tomorrow night's election rally and his campaign is feeling optimistic and they believe people here will be celebrating. one day
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
into a fight about music. >>> washington redskins headcoach shanahan got robbed. his money and passport were stolen in the locker room. -- from the locker room. not sure when he realized the items went missing. a police report is filed. the pittsburgh police are investigating. >>> the ku klux klan is advertising its group via flier. the shoppers found the fliers on a car windshield outside of a strip mall? missouri. the message reads bringing back the traditional ways of the ku klux klan. they call a 24-hour klan line. >> thank you for calling the traditional sematic ku klux klan. we are unapologetically committed to the interest and values of the white race. >> they say they're beefing security up at the shopping center. authorities do say, however, distributing the fliers is not against the law, protected by the first amendment. >>> a multimillionaire turned murder suspect. coming up, new key details in the case surrounding john mcafee. >>> and a souped-up tractor burning rubber on the farm in sweden. it was moving along at 5 miles an hour. the young farmer -- by sitting at the volvo 240 e
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
. the washington suburban sanitary commission going green and offering paperless bills. once you register, wssc will send you an e-mail when the bill's ready. you have to pay it online and can you do so without a fee. >>> coming up next on the news edge six, house flipping is back. d.c.'s a people spot. some tips on how you can perhaps cash in. first, it's world record day. and one group of women set a new record by cramming themselves inside a mini cooper. 28 women squeeze and twisted themselves into the tiny interior. they had to stay inside the car. all doors and windows shut for five seconds to break the previous record, which was 27 window -- people. tiny car, a huge amount of time. .  . >>> it's the end of the line for twinkies and dingdongs. hostess brands filed a motion with a bankruptcy judge seeking permission to shut down operations. the iconic food manufacturer is winding down operations after an employee strike halted production. hostess brands will move to lay off the 18,500 employees. however, i have the twinkie right here. let me know. >> yeah. >> hit me
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
and washington state. voters approved recreational marijuana use. the states are the first in the u.s. to legalize the use of the drug. both ballot measures refer to adult use only. experts say implementation remains uncertain since it contradicts federal law. >>> and some voters can wait to toast their election win. the town of damascus lifted a decades old alcohol ban and they're worried it will lead to more sales such as bars and carry out liquor stores and they want to protect children from early exposure to alcohol. >>> and voters overwhelmingly approved the levee to approve floods. the bond will go towards building the system to protect homes in the huntington section of alexandrea and that flooded four times. >>> the nor'easter is taking aim at the northeast. the storm promising snow and more flooding. new york will get what we can expect from the storm. >>> it was an exciting election light across the country for the family. their own victory. adrian was born and decided to -- decided to upstage the candidates. the howard county paramedics showed up in time to cut the umbili
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
, well, a few of them say washington has the shot and some other ones are saying realistcally we should look ahead to the future. back nay you maureen. >> always good to see excited fans. thanks for that. >>> in the meantime, i want to tell you about a chairchg in the d.c. high school turkey bowl. wilson high school has been disqualified. investigators say a player was voery and then it was discovered he doesn't live in the district. that makes him ineligible to play for wilson. but he he played in two league games so the team has to forfeit the games from the record which made them ineligible. and acost yeah will take their -- anacostia will taketheir place. >> it's not unbearably cold but it's chilly enough for the folks to get on the ice. glen tolbart -- gwen tolbart is in the weather center. >> reporter: typical perfect football weather is what we had. i am excited to see the skaters. what a difference. let's look at our maps. we have cloud that are rolling in but we will see mostly cloudy skies in the course of tonight but they won't stick around too long. overnight tonight, light
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5